BW Spring Conference 2023 Moira Baptist

Moira Baptist

Keri Folmar will be taking us through the book of Habakkuk which, as she says, 'is such a powerful book on suffering and ends with rejoicing in the God of our salvation.'

Keri Lives in the Middle East where her husband, John, is pastor of the Evangelical Christian Church of Dubai and they have three grown-up children. She edits The Good Portion book series and has written The Doctrine of Scripture for Every Woman. Keri has also written several inductive Bible studies for women and blogs occassionally at The Good Portion. Keri is co-host of the 9Marks podcast Priscilla Talk.

This conference will also be running in Bethany Baptist on Friday 3 March at 7.30pm and in Swords Baptist on Saturday 4 March at 5pm 

To purchase tickets (£10) for the BW Spring Conference at Moira Baptist click on the link below:


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