BW Spring Conference 2024

Lisburn, Swords, Carrigaline

We are excited to offer one conference in three different venues across Ireland. On Saturday 9 March we will be in Lisburn Baptist at 10am then in The Riasc Centre, Swords at 5pm and in Carrigaline Community Centre on Sunday 10 March at 4pm.

Our speaker is Wendy Alsup. Wendy lives in South Carolina where she teaches maths at a local community college and is a mother to her two boys.  She is the author of a number of books including: 'Practical Theology for Women' 'Is the Bible Good for Women?' 'Companions in Suffering' 'I Forgive You' and she blogs at and 

Wendy will be speaking on Who is Our God?

Many women by default attribute to God the characteristics of their fallen earthly fathers. Were you abandoned or abused by your father? Was your father inattentive or oblivious to your needs? Were you discouraged from sharing your emotional needs with your father? Did your father leave you on your own during a vulnerable time in your life? We need to actively seek to understand and believe in the character of our Father in heaven as He reveals Himself to be in Scripture, so that we act in relationship with the God who is, not the God of our imagination or upbringing. Together, we will study from Scripture the character of our God—God is our Father, God is our Saviour, and God is our Help. Understanding God's character from the Bible rather than the baggage of our upbringing will bless us deeply in our daily lives.

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